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Bioaccumulation Plumbum Effect of the Vegetable (Genjer, Selada air and Kangkung air) Anatomy of Heavy Metal Reaction at DAS Brantas Nganjuk

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Oleh Dr. Hj. Dahlia, M.S.   
ABSTRACT The research  of Plumbum bioaccumulation vegetable’s (Genjer, Selada air and Kangkung air) heavy metal effect at Brantas Nganjuk. The research method is observation and laboratory analysis. at the laboratory test UNM, to know the effect of Plumbum’s plant anatomy structure
This research direction is how to prove the heavy metal accumulation who want to result in morphology change and physiologu disturbance plant. At Nganjuk Plumbum of root, steem, and leaf, the statistic method are not real. Pb’s leaf content is 10 x compared of the root, 6 to 14  national standart . At Nganjuk the content of Pb’s root selada in 0,11 ppm. The leaf large from 0,15 ppm. It is not real difference. The large frog bioaccumulation,  accumulate the Pb is 10 > national standart .
Key word:  bioaccumulation, vegetable, heavy metal, pollution, anatomy structure.

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