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Character Value Education in Cirebon Mask

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Character Value Education in Cirebon Mask
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The existence of mask (topeng) in Indonesian culture has been as old as Indonesian man civilization. Its existence  had  been  starting  since  prehistoric  time,  developing  in  classical  period  with  Hindu-Buddha cultural effect, and accomplished during Islam period, until manifested into the mask we know today. All of them are  related to the  history and development of  mask function and  use  in  society life. This article discussed meaning, function, and philosophical value in mask; mask development  in Indonesia; mask as the  form  of  Cirebon  traditional  performing  art;  typical  characteristics  of  Cirebon  mask;  character education value in Cirebon mask; and Cirebon mask development in the present.


Education, Character value, Cirebon mask

Artikel tersebut telah dipublikasikan dalam International Academic Journal of Social Sciences Vol. 3, Issue 9, September 2016 Journal iaiest Hal: 42-49 ISSN: 2454-3918

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