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Creating Better Human Development Through Taxation

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Thomas Soseco    
Faculty of Economics, UniversitasNegeri Malang
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Higher human quality can be created by building work situation. One way to implementthat is through build better taxation system. Inefficient taxation procedures may lead tounecessary costs. This research is aimed to explore the relationship between taxationsystem and human development. Data used are secondary data obtained frominternational organizations. The results are there was a negative relationship betweennumber of taxes paid and duration needed to prepare, file, and pay taxest to humandevelopment index. The conclusions are there was a negative relationship between thenumber of tax paid by businesses to HDI. Also, there was a negative relationship betweenduration needed to prepare, file, and pay taxes to HDI. The suggestions are: governmenthave to reduce the number of tax taken from businesses and implement new procedureand technology to make more efficient taxation system.

Keywords: human development index, tax, work situation

Proceedings International Conference on Education For Economics: Business, and Finance, ISSN (print): 2540-8372, ISSN (online): 2540-7481, 15 September 2016, Published by Department of Development Economics, Faculty of Economics UniversitasNegeri Malang, pages: 430-436, kunjungi: http://iceebf.um.ac.id/?page_id=154
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