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Creative Proccess in Maiyah Rebo Legi (Relegi) to Shape Leadership in Indonesian Youth

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Oleh Farah Farida Tantiani, S.Psi, M.Psi   

Farah Farida Tantiani
Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Negeri Malang


ABSTRACT: Maiyah Rebo Legi (Relegi) is the monthly gathering discussion activity in Malang, inspired by Emha Ainun Nadjib. Maiyah Relegi forum is usually attended by people from different background. The differences between Maiyah Relegi and other Maiyah forum is that Maiyah Relegi tries not to depend on Najib’ figure so the participants who came to Maiyah Relegi really
want to actively participate in the discussion. This activity helps the participants learning about leadership without actually being taught about lea dership. The discussion in Maiyah Relegi invites everyone in the forum to talk about the issues. It helps them to have self-confidence in communicating their experiences and opinions according to the topics presented. Since Maiyah Relegi frequently invite other leader in grassroots’ level to facilitate the discussion, the participants also get to learn new ways to deal with some issues presented with materials at hand. Maiyah Relegi shows that there’s a new and friendly ways to learn about ourselves, the communities, and the environment. This study, as a prelimenary study, trying to desribe Maiyah Relegi in shaping the leadership aspect among college and university students as primary participant in Maiyah Relegi. The data in this article used qualitative approach by conducting interviews with three Maiyah Relegi initiators for data collection. This study indicate that the initiators
feels the college and university students will spread the positivity after involved in Maiyah Relegi. They also see that Maiyah Relegi helps them to gain confidence in communicating their opinion and empowering them to actually doing something to make their communities and environment better. It is shown in their latest project in Sapudi Island to help generate electricity on that island.
This result also recommends that face-to-face discussion activities, such as Maiyah Relegi are still needed and can not be replaced by high technology gadgetbased discussion. Furthermore, this activity also help empowering people.

keywords: creativity, indonesian youth, leadership, maiyah relegi

Artikel diatas telah dipublikasikan dalam The 7th Asian Association of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology (AAICP) Conference organized by Faculty of Psychology, Unpad in collaboration with Asian Association of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology, taking place in Bandung, at Bale Sawala, Rectorate,  Unpad, Bandung, Indonesia on  August 25 – 27 2015.

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