Dampak Pluralisme Pekerja dalam Perekonomian

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Managing pluralism is an important aspect to achieve one nation’sprosperity. Well managed pluralisme, especially in employee’s background(proxied with Global Index of Employee Diversity/GIED) will contributes inmaking destination country’s attractiveness to foreign firms. Thus, there will bean increase in Foreign Direct Invesment (FDI) and at last, an increase inincome per capita. I found that GIED has a positive and weak relation to FDI. Therelationship of both of them is not significant. GIED also has a positive, strongenough, and significant relationship to income per capita. It implies thatpluralism in workforce is a sufficient but not a necessarry condition. Foreignfirms will consider other factors than workforce’s pluralism in their investmentdecision.

Keywords: pluralism, Global Index of Employee Diversity, Foreign DirectInvesment, income per capita

Prosiding Seminar Nasionaldan Call For Papers PluralismeDalamEkonomidanPendidikan, ISSN: 2407-4268, Volume 1 Tahun 2014, 29 Nopember 2014, Penerbit Jurusan Ekonomi Pembangunan Facultas Ekonomi Universitas Negeri Malang, pages: 19-28, kunjungi http://ekp.fe.um.ac.id/?page_id=1104

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