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Oleh Ach. Rasyad   

This article aims to discuss the result of a research study,  namely program evaluation research  focusing  on  the  issues  of  efectivity  program  conducted  by  BPPNRI  Regional  IV Surabaya. Evaluation model selected to evaluate the program was CIPP Stufflebeam?s model. This assessment's model selected because his effectiveness to get revenue formative and summative and to  find  decision  and  problem-solving  ability.  This  assessment  model  may  be  made  assessment whether  before,  during  or  after  the  project  conducted.  It  also  be  formed  to  satisfy  programme mastermind and administration not just filling individual' wish. And CIPP is not designed to prove a  decision  but  act  as  to  improve  where  information  derivative  later  can  be  made  as  a  guide  to planning  something  programme.  The  results  show  that  eduaction  and  training  program  (Diklat program) conducted by BPPNFI Regional IV categorized quite effective.

Keywords: evaluation program, CIPP model, educationand training
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