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Effect of E-Money to Economic Performance (A Comparative Study of Selected Countries)

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Thomas Soseco
Department of Development Economics Universitas Negeri Malang
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E-rnoney is one way of transactionsin a cashless society. Altogether with credit and debit cards, emoney seemed as the future of money. Comparing to credit and debit card, emoney offers better features in transaction speed and comfortness. Thus, many countries hardly influence its citizen to use emoney. By reducing the use of banknotes, transaction will run faster and bigger. Therefore it is important to explore how emoney influence economic performance in one country.

This research compares the use of emoney and its influence among several countries by using data published by international agencies. The research found that emoney plays bigger role in relatively small countries, 'in the economic term. On the other hand, in big economy countries, emoney show little significance.

The conclusion is it is urgent to developing countries to implement cashless society especially emoney to boost their economic performance.

Keywords: cashless society, e-money, economic perfonnance

Makalah dimuat dalam Proceedings The 2016 International Conference of Management Science (ICoMS 2016), March 10th, 2016, ISBN: 978-602-7577-63-3, Published by Department of Management Faculty of Economics UniversitasMuhammadiyah Yogyakarta, pages: 9-12
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