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Empowering Education Sector in Rural Areas

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Empowering Education Sector in Rural Areas
Soseco, T
Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia

Abstract: More Indonesians moved from rural to urban areas in order to reach higher welfare. As a results, rural is seemed left behind urban, in term of infrastructure, welfare, and income distribution. Education in rural areas is one important thing to increase welfare and reduce inequalities. This research is aimed to search which education levels will best to reduce inequalities, and what policies are needed. The results are: (1). Elementary education could reduce income inequalities in rural and urban areas. While middle and high education will increase inequalities. (2). Government must builld better infrastuctures, also to spread out economic activities around all areas.

Keywords: rural areas, per capita income, Inequality,education

Makalah diatas dimuat dalam: Proceedings 2nd International Conference on Education 2016: Transforming Today's Educational Landscape, ISBN: 978-955-4903-51-1, 21 s.d. 22 April 2016, Published by The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM), pages: 1-9, kunjungi: http://educationconference.co/2016/
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