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Enhance Learning Theme "Diriku" First-Grade Elementary Schoolbased On Curriculum 2013 School Year In Malang

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Oleh Dr. I. Made Suardana,S.Pd, M.Pd   


Enhance Learning Theme


Based on a growing issue in the public elementary education (SD) in Malang on the implementation of Curriculum 2013, still found that teachers have difficulties in implementing the concept, theory, and practice of learning. The theme of "DIRIKU" is learned in first-gradeelementary school students is one of the thematic material in the curriculum in 2013 were difficult to apply. This is presumably because the curriculum in 2013 had a scope of materials and teaching methods are very spacious, so that teachers facilitate student learning difficult. The data collection was conducted by questionnaire and interviews in 10% of 275 first-grade teacher in Malang, so that the population of the respondents were 28 teachers in 28 elementary schools. The purpose of this study was to ascertain the problems encountered by first-grade teachers are authentic in facilitating student learning on the theme "DIRIKU" and propose appropriate solutions to the problems encountered so that learning takes place in an effective, efficient, and fun. Thus, the parties concerned will be easier to make improvements in a relatively quick time; because the learning is very important for Indonesia's dignity.
Keywords: enhance, learning and the curriculum 2013.

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