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Integrated model of physical activities and mental character building as an alternative intervention towards students with juvenile delinquency

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Oleh Mardianto; Kurniati Rahayuni; Febrita Paulina Heynoek   

State University of Malang
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Most schools in Indonesia use conservatives method in handling juvenile delinquency, ranging  from  counseling,  punishment  to  law  sanctions.  Therefore,  an  alternative  model  of character building that uses combination of physical activity can be developed as replacement of conventional sanctions, since sport regarded as positive media to build positive character among youth. The purpose of this study is to develop an integrated  model of physical and affective that can be applied in school setting to handle students with juvenile delinquency. This research use 2 methods; first is survey methods, interviews and descriptive-quantitative data analysis to map the characteristic behavior; and second is research development to develop the model. The first study conducted  to  mapping  the  characteristics  of  juvenile  delinquency,  data  collected  from  17 headmasters, 22 counseling teachers, and 98 students with juvenile delinquency in 4 cities  in East Java.  Findings  shown  the  pattern  of  juvenile  delinquency  are  ranging  from  self -destructive, external  conflicts,  and  vandalism;  which  the  suspected  cause  is  from  thinking  and  emotional disturbance. From these findings, an integrated model is developed with a priority in coaching role play and exercise to facilitate togetherness. The model were tested in a focus group discussion by teachers  and  applied  in  a  small  group  of  students  in  Malang  which  suspected  having  juvenile  delinquency. The results showed that both groups respond positively towards the model.

Keywords: delinquency, sport, physical, mental, integrated

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