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Kesiapan Jurusan Teknologi Pendidikan dalam Implementasi E-Learning

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Oleh Dr. Sri Wahyuni, M.Pd   
Kesiapan Jurusan Teknologi Pendidikan dalam Implementasi E-Learning

Abstract: The aim of this research  is to know  the lecturers  andtechnician's readiness and competency  levels also for TEP'sstudents  for E-Learning  Implemenlation.  In anotler purpose  is alsofor descripting  how big facilities  support,  funds,  and TEP's CentreServices which has been given by TEP  ICT Centre in the E-Learning implementation.  TEP's  lectures,  technicians, andstudent's who applied  E-Learning are the  target of this  research.The design of this Research  is qualitative descriptive.  Datacollecting  technique which applied are enquette,  interview  andobservation. For data analytical technique that applied is techniquepercentage.  Based  on the result has shown that  readiness  andability  in ICT which owned by all E-Leaming organizers  are aboutgeneral  knowledge  of computer,  internetworking,  applicationsoftware, E-Learning  and multimedia.  In software application  ofAll organizer  E-Learning  in TEP ICT Centre were  iipert  in theapplication of word processing  program  and graphic design,middle  skiiled  in programming  language and web design. and forTEP's students they were ready and motivated  in operatingcomputer  and  accessing  internet, but still be required  for  furthertuition and training  programm  about  study bases on electronic (E-Learning). Beside of Human Resource  readiness,  this  research  isalso  to alle,liz-e  factors of fability  support, fund  and service  given byteam work TEP ICT Centre  in E-Leaming, and  result of researchindicates that available  faciliry  is good  enough and capable but stillhardly  required  for addition of  facilitylinfraskucture  andimprovement-of  quality and quantity Human  resource  to getcompetence  in ICT, especially  E-Learning.

Key words: SDM, E-learning

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