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Nobleness Mind and Character Behavior in Sport Pencak Silat Practice

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Oleh Kurniati Rahayuni   

Faculty of Sport Science, Malang State University


Pencak silat often defined as a skill of combative form to defend oneself which rooted in the Malay culture. It has four aspects integrated as a unity: art, self-defense, sport, and mental-spiritual. Nowadays, pencak silat became modern competitive sport; it competed officially under standardized regulations. This phenomenon often assumed as a marginalization of pencak silat where cultural and mental spiritual aspects are neglected.  This paper explores whether mental-spiritual aspect reflected by nobleness mind and character behaviors (budi pekerti luhur) exist in sport pencak silat. Data gathered through observation, literature review, and semi-structured interview to 3 athletes and 1 coach of sport pencak silat to confirm findings. Nobleness mind and character behavior do exist in sport pencak silat. They are reflected in: 1) competition rules which regard courtesy; 2) respectful manner towards their coach; 3) ethical attitude in competition.

Keyword: pencak silat, sport pencak silat, budi pekerti luhur (nobleness mind and character)

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