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Oleh Edi Widianto,S.Pd., M.Pd   
Abstract:Efforts parent is the work done to develop the potential of their parents. Parents are the first and primary educators need to know that the child has great potential at birth. The importance of early childhood education based on their assumption that says that this period is a critical period in a child's development. This early age for children is a period that is appropriate to lay the foundations of the development of moral and religious values, physical, language, cognitive, social, emotional and art. Maximum effort is required of parents to educate children in all aspects of the development and enhancement of the role of parents as educators in the family. This study aimed to describe the efforts made by parents in improving early childhood care. The research design used in this research is quantitative descriptive. The population of this study is that parents of young children in the village Donowarih. The samples are parents of children aged 1-6 years 40 respondents drawn from Hamlet Authorship and 40 respondents from Hamlet Borogragal. The sampling technique used nonproporsional sample area. Data collector is observation and questionnaire enclosed with using the scale. This research analyzed using percentage analysis. These results indicate that parental effort in improving the care of children in general is quite good, but not optimally. Based on the research results, it is recommended that researchers continued to make this study as a literature and complement the existing shortcomings in order to become better.
Keywords: effort, parent, early childhood, parenting.

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