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Participative Evaluation and the Quality of Community Empowerment Training of Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) Companions

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Oleh Ach. Rasyad   


This research is aiming at describing: (1) the implementation of community empowerment training of PKH companions, (2) types of participative evaluation used in the PKH companion training, and (3) obstacles and supporting factors in PKH companion training using the participative evaluation. The study employed qualitative approach with case study framework. It was conducted in PKH companion training in Klojen district, Malang. The subjects of this research were companions as facilitators of the community empowerment training. The data collection was carried out by deep interview, focus group discussion, observation, and documentation. The data obtained were reduced according to the objectives of the research. Later on, it was presented in description of fact, then conclusion or verification was drawn. The finding of the research showed: (1) the learning method used in the PKH companion training was andragogy approach which emphasized on active participation and participants’ experiences, (2) the evaluation employed in the PKH companion training was participatory rural appraisal (PRA) method by conducting focus group discussions (FGD) and questionnaires, (3) the weakness of employing this participative evaluation was it took relatively long time and the discussion tended to be out of the context. Meanwhile, the strength of the participative evaluation was the openness of information which made the training participants feel the democratic atmosphere during the training evaluation process.

Keywords: Participative evaluation, Training quality, Community empowerment, Program Keluarga Harapan

Artikel tersebut telah dipublikasikan di International Journal of Education & Literacy Studies ISSN 2202-9478 Vol. 4No. 2; April 2016 Australian International Academic Centre,Australia.

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