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Pembelajaran Model Internalisasi Nilai-Nilai Kewirausahaan: Model Efektif bagi Pengembangan Sikap Kewirausahaan Siswa

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Oleh Dr. Agung Winarno, M.M.   


Pembelajaran Model Internalisasi


Abstract: Based on a research, entrepreneurship learning is only a part of enhancing knowledge and skill for making a product. In fact a competence of an entrepreuneur is the changes of attitude and values. So, the developing models of entrepreneurship learning must be tried to be improved. This reseach is the second term of trial research to develop internalazation of the learning models at Vacational schools in Malang distric whereas experimental-control design is used, and the efectivities of models are quantified by 5 values component that are self confidents, creatifities, result motivation, the dare to take a risk and leadership. t test tool is used to see the diferences between the experiments. The research outcome has indicated that the internalization of values learning models has competenced to increasing the all of entrepreneurship values. Exception for creativity component whereas to compare with class control is not significantly dtfferent. This research has also provided the book as a model of implementation that is completed with the teaching materials.
Keywords: Internalization learning, entrepreneurship values, the effectiveness of models

Artikel diatas dimuat dalamJurnalEkonomiBisnis, ISSN: 0853-7283, Tahun 15 Nomor 3 Nopember 2010, Penerbit: JurusanManajemenFakultasEkonomiUniversitasNegeri Malang, Halaman: 264-269, kunjungi: http://journal.um.ac.id/index.php/ekobis/index

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