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Pembelajaran Seni bagi Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus

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Oleh Drs. Usep Kustiawan, M.Sn   

Pembelajaran Seni bagi Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus
Usep Kustiawan
Special Education Department, State University Of Malang

Children  with  Special  Needs  (CSN)  with  their  various  types  and  levels  of  limitations  actually  have  much potential that are ready to be developed. One of the potential possessed by CSN is a potential in art. Art and culturel subjects which are taught at school are art, music, dance, and craft or handmade art, which have each different  scope,  characters  and  intensity.  While  the  various  field  of  disability  out  there  also  have  different variants, such as: (a) vision impairment (Tuna Netra); (b) hearing impairement (Tuna Rungu); (c) physical disability  (Tuna  Daksa);  (d)  intelectual  disability  (Tuna  Grahita);  and  (e)  Autism.  The  fact  is  lecturers  or teachers of art and culture in special schools are generally not skilled in the field of art and culture due to their different educational background. The purpose of this paper is mapping the core and basic competence based on disability and character variants that allows teachers to determine the sequence and scope of their teaching.  The  performed  method  in  the  mapping  process,  are  KI  and  KD  for  each  impairments,  divided  to three sub sections of art and culture with a different percentage. So, the total amount of KD for each art and culture’s sections between one and other are different. However, it’s realized that each impairment’s variants are  required  to  have  their  competences  in  every  branch  of  art  and  culture.  For  that,  its  each  other’s distribution is relatively equal with different portions.

Keywords: art learning, children with special needs
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-  Proceedings International Conference on Special Education in Southeast Asia Region 6 Series 2016

-  Hal: 711

-  FP-UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia, 2016

-  Penulis Tunggal

-  ISBN: 978-983-2267-88-1

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