Pengaruh Iklan Televisi Terhadap Niat Membeli Kopi Nescafe

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Oleh Aniek Indrawati . Dinantiar Sabia Wiraga   
Abstract: the objective of this research were partial and simultaneous, and the most dominant of deternine condition, the effect of variables of television advertisements that include the contents of messages, message structure. Message format and message source against Nescafe coffee spurchasing decisionson the Student of Management Department Faculty of Economics in State University of Malang. Population in this research were amounted to 100 respondents and the sampling technique that was implemented was "purposive sampling". The results showed that: 1) There are partially positive andsignificant effect of variable contents of the message, message structure, message format and message source on Nescafe coffee purchasing decisions; 2) Television advertisement (the content of messages, message structure, message format and message source) simultaneously have an effect on purchasing decisions ofNescafe coffee; 3) Television advertsiment have effect over purchasing decisions ofNescafe coffee by 38.7%, while the remaining 61.3% were effected by other variables beyond this research. 4) The dominant variables effect the purchase decision is the variable "message source".

Keywords: Television Advertising. Purchase Decision
Artikel di atas dimuat dalam Jurnal Ekonomi Bisnis, ISSN: 0853-7283, Tahun 17, Nomor 21, Juli 2012, Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Negeri Malang, halaman: 186-191
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