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Pengaruh Latihan Interval Istirahat Aktif dan Istirahat Pasif Terhadap Derajat Stres Oksidatif (The Effect of Interval Exercise with Active Rest and Passive Rest to Degree of Oxidative Stress)

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Oleh Olivia Andiana   
Olivia Andiana
Dosen Jurusan Ilmu Keolahragaan
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Fakultas Ilmu Keolahragaan (FIK) Universitas Negeri Malang (UM)

Abstract:The purpose of the research was to determine the effect interval exercise with active rest and passive rest to degree of oxidative stress. This research was an experimental study. Using ÔÇ£randomized pretest-posttest control group design. Samples were obtained in randomized fashion from population 124 healthy subjects between 21-22 years of age, and obtained 8 persons for each groups. They were chosen from Faculty of Sport Science, in University state of Malang. Blood samples were obtained from cubital veins before exercise and after exercise in eppendorf tubes. The present research was designed to determine the changes of plasma lipid peroxidation levels (expressed as malondialdehyde [MDA]) and erythrocyte SOD activity in healthy people. This type of exercise is an aerobic interval exercise by ergocycle. This exercise was executed in the morning. Laboratory examination of the variables used TBARS method in Brawijaya University. Data analysis was carried out using descriptive and inferensial statistic with statistical software SPSS, Pairwise comparisons statistical multivariat and discriminant analysis. From stastical analysis, showed the difference of rate MDA plasma post test between active group of rests interval exercise and passive rests interval exercise (p = 0.153). This mean that there no difference between group of interval exercise with active rest and interval exercise with passive rest. While difference of enzymatic activity SOD erythrocyte between group of interval exercise with active rest and interval exercise with passive rest have value p = 0.004. There were difference is influence which significant between group of interval exercise with active rest and interval exercise with passive rest. This research result may give scientific information contribution for concept development effort and form of athletics practice which evaluated from oxidative stress parameter.

Key words: interval exercise, active rest, passive rest and oxidative stress .

Artikel diatas dipublikasikan dalam Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan, ISSN:1410-2935, Vol. 14, Nomor 3, Juli 2011, Edisi (bulan/tahun): Juli 2011.

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