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Reassessing PLKB Basic Training Curriculum In East Java

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This study is intended to reveal the gap between the materials in the PLKB (Petugas Lapangan Keluarga Berencana  or Family Planning Field Officers) basic training curriculum and the real training needs; find out the training material that has been fulfilled by  the  PLKB  basic  training  curriculum;  identify  the  training  needs  that  have  not  been fulfilled  yet  by  the  PLKB  basic  training  curriculum;  and  sort  the  materials  in  the  PLKB basic  training  curriculum  which  are  not  considered  as  the  real  needs  of  the  training.  The population of this study was 600 PLKB, while the sample was only 50% of the population (which  were  330  people).  The  sample  was  drawn  based  on  the  principle  of  proportional random  sampling  according  to  their  working  area.  The  data  were  collected  through questionnaires and site analysis meeting. The quantitative data were analyzed by using the gap model proposed by Provus, while the qualitative data were analyze by using interactive model. The finding of this study was (1) the gap between  materials in the PLKB training  curriculum and the training needs was 18.92% or seven materials; (2) 81.08% materials in the PLKB training curriculum were considered as the real needs of training; (3) there were several materials that had not been  covered  yet,  such as the side effects  of contraception, motivating  methods,  social  psychology,  drop  out  acceptor  cause,  and  family  planning targets’ cultural background; and (4) there were 7 inappropriate materials in the PLKB basic training.

Key words: Evaluation, curriculum, basic training, family planning
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