Strategic Planning For The Development Of Integrated Early Childhood Education Institutions

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Oleh Sri Wahyuni   

State University of Malang
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The research  was designed using multi-site design at three early childhood education in Malang. The study showed on the strategic planning process, including the process of preparing the  vision,  mission,  context  analysis,  and  form  of  organizational  strategy.  Using  an  inductive analysis techniques, Data were collected using the method of observation, study documentation, and  depth  interviews  with  principals,  teachers,  and  parents.  The  results  showed  that  (1)  the institution of early childhood has conducted a process of  strategic planning, which started with the formulation of the vision and mission by the principlas, then it was discussed with the teachers, committees, and foundations. The vision and the mission disseminated through meetings, writing, songs  or  chants  in  the  school;  (2)  The  institution  also  conducted  context  analysis  through  the SWOT analysis to identify weaknesses, strengths, threats, opportunities of institutions. Based on analysis of the result, it was found that the most influential aspect of the organization services was human resource aspect and partnership with the community; (3) The strategic phases conducted to improve  the  quality  of  service  agencies  were  a)  the  institution  created  a  special  service;  b)  the institution  developed  to  build  the  educators  that  can  serve  as  a  model  for  their  student;  c)  the institution created an innovation to improve the quality of service; d) the institution implemented an  efficient  and  effective  management  with  the  integrated  service  model;  and  e)  the  institution developed networks with stakeholders and surrounding communities. This strategy was formulated in  a  participatory,  involving  all  elements  of  the  school  and  the  foundation  in  a  special  meeting forum. It is suggested that any early childhood institutions should  develop a vision-mission and socialize to all  members; perform context analysis; and develop the strategic phases to improve service quality.

Key words: strategic planning, developmental, integrated early childhood education institution

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