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Struktur Modal dan Pendapatan Per Saham

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Oleh Dr. H. Tuhardjo, S.E., M.Si, Ak.   
Struktur Modal dan Pendapatan Per Saham

Abstract: The decision of satisfying financial need is in relation to the decisions of financial resource’s and optimal capital structure's determinations. Whether the company would utiIize the external source derived from debt or the emission of new capital was the main aspect of the kind of financing. Capital structure played important role in improving the company's performance. Nevertheless, in current more competition, either company's survival or its development prospect was influenced by finance availability and the company's access toward the available fund as well.  In practice, the company required different equity and debt compositions in achieving the optimal capital structure. The alternative of satisfying financial need to debts resulted in the stock value had become higher than the alternative of the own capital (equity).
Keywords: capital structure, income per share

Artikel di atas dimuat dalam Jurnal Ekonomi dan Manajemen, ISSN: 1411-5794, Volume 5, Nomor 1, April 2004, Penerbit: Program Pascasarjana Universitas Gajayana Malang, halaman 1-8  

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