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Studi Empiris Tentang Dampak Foreign Direct Investment Tenaga Kerja dan Keterbukaan Perdangan Terhadap Produk Domistik Bruto Indonesia Selama Tahun 1990 - 2010

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Oleh Dr. Imam Mukhlis , S.E., M.Si   


This paper aims to analyze the effect of foreign direct investment, employment and trDE openness to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Indonesia over period l990-2010. Main methodologies used were error correction model with Engle Granger approach. Based on the unit root test with Dickey Fuller Test (DF Test), all variabel are found stationary at the first differencing at none level. The Engle Granger procedure is applied to test the cointegrating relation between variables followed by error correction model. Through empirical analysis, we found that on the long run, Indonesian GDP was affecting by FDI and emplpyment as positive and signi?cant. The degree of trade openness unleashes negative in?uence on Indonesia GDP. The empirical results has shown that on the shon run, the degree of trade opennees (world and Asean 3 plus China, Korea and Japan) unleashes negative and signi?cant but diminishing effect on Indonesia GDP. Besides that FDI on the long run has positive and signi?cant effect to Indonesia GDP over period 1990-2010. We conclude that Indonesia should fomulate the liberalization policy both to intra Asean and extra Asean by harmonization tarrif and commodity that be trading on the global market. Besides that Indonesia must to prepare the quality of human capital to enhance the progress of the GDP.

Keywords : Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Openness, Error Correction Model, Engle Granger Mcthode

Makalah disajikan dan dimuat di Prosiding Seminar Nasional Menuju Indonesia Emas: Tantangan dan Prospek Ekonomi dalam Perspektif Pembangunan Berkelanjutan tanggal 15 September 2012, ISBN: 978-602-18867-0-0, Penerbit: Sukabina Press, Halaman: 15-36.

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