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Study some of Reproduction Hydrodictyon

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Oleh Dr. Hj. Dahlia, M.S.   
Abstrak This algae is commonly is called the “water net because of the fact that is has a form of a saclike net-work. Some of the cells of this net form zoospore, and while still in the parent cells, these zoospores by approximation form a small net. The latter is eventually detached from the parent cell and so a new colony also forms isogamete which fuse in pairs when they are released from the gametangia. The resulting  zygote undergoes reduction division, forming four zoospore. These  zoospore  are transformed into nonmotile spores, each of which grows in size and eventually produces many zoospore and form new net. The sexual reproduction is due to fussion of biflagellated gametes These are formed in the same manner as zoospores, but escape through an opening in the wall of the mother cell. Two gametes fuse to form a zygote. After swimming for a time the zoospores form curiously shaped, thick-walled, angular spores, The angular spore increases greatly in size and in contents divided up form a considerable number of zoospores.
Keyword: Reproduction, Hydrodictyon, Zoospore

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