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Survey Of The Understanding Level Of Physical Education Teachers To Design Games In Elemantary Schools In Malang

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Oleh Febrita P. Heynoek, Sri Purnami, Dona Sandy Y   

Sports Science Faculty, State University of Malang


Physical education is education of and through movement. Physical education has two elements i.e games and sports. Elementary school is basic education to develop physically growth and motoric skills for students. Physical education on Elemantary should develop basic motor skills of students. Furthermore, teacher should have capability to create games for physical education lesson. Generally, the purpose of this research is to describe the level of teacher understanding to create games for physical education acquirement. The design of this study were categorized into descriptive, explorative. This study objectively describe the level of physical education teachers understanding in schools to designing games for learning physical education. The research design of this study were categorized into descriptive, explorative. The subjects in this study were physical education teachers who teach in elemantry that located in the city of Malang. The place of research in a primary school in Malang, while time research had been conducted from July to November 2013. Based on the results of this research describe that the understanding level of physical education teachers to design games obtained 52 percentage. It is included in good enough category. In particularly, over than 50 percentage games with balls and athletic are used by teachers. Then, majority teachers have a form games which used for teaching. Next, enhancing psychomotoric skills are one of the purpose of teaching by games. Finally, it is expected there are other researchers who conduct further observations by adding variables and indicators of questions and the number of samples tested in the study and comparison of the results with this study.

Keywords: teacher, physical education, games

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