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The Implementation of Training Management Applied By the Pnpm Mandiri Perkotaan Facilitator to Self - Help Groups

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Oleh Ach. Rasyad   


This study was aiming at explaining (1) the role of the facilitator in the implementation of the empowering training by PNPM MandiriPerkotaan, (2) the planning process applied by the PNPM MandiriPerkotaanfacilitator to the self-help groups, and (3) the training process held by the facilitator of PNPM MandiriPerkotaanto the self-help groups. This study took place in KecamatanKepanjen, Malang regency. The primary informant was the facilitator of kelurahan, while the supporting informant came from the committee ofBadanKeswadayaanMasyarakat (the self-help group institution), members ofthe self-help groups, and the local government. The finding of the study was the facilitator of PNPM MandiriPerkotaanplayed double roles. It meant that the facilitator did not only facilitate the needs of the study, but also they had to play the role of learning sources, teachers, and mediators. (2) The well-planned training would bring significant effect. (3) Training was not only aimed to deliver the training materials, but also the facilitator had to apply communicative technique to the trainees.

Keywords: Training Management, Facilitator, Self-help Groups

Artikel tersebut telah dipublikasikan dalam Journal of Humanities and Social Science Volume 19 - Issue 10, Version 7. Oktober 2014.

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