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The Utilization of the Learning Environment as Learning Resources for Developing Naturalistic Intelligence in the Pre-School PAUD Firdaus, Malang Regency

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Oleh Pramono, S.Pd, M.Or   

PG PAUD Lecturer – State University of Malang, Indonesian
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I Wayan Sutama
PG PAUD Lecturer – State University of Malang, Indonesian
Wuri Astuti
PG PAUD Lecturer – State University of Malang, Indonesian
Eny Nur Aisyah
PG PAUD Lecturer – State University of Malang, Indonesian


The research was aimed at describing, explaining a learning environment condition, analyzing  environment  utilization  as  learning  resources  in  developing  naturalistic intelligence, explaining some efforts in managing institution to create and implement an environment learning being able to develop naturalism intelligence. The  study  steps  were  classified  into  three  groups  such  as  preparation, implementation,  and  reporting.  The  preparation  step  consisted  of  design,  pre -study, technical preparation. The implementation step was including to collect data and document, conduct interview, analyze data, and discuss the finding. The report step was presenting the result for anybody/institution related to this study.

The  result  of  this  study  showed  that  the  understanding  arising   among  students indicated  the  arising  of  naturalism  intelligence  for  them.  It  involved  the  capability  to  recognize  the  nature  terms   surrounding  us  or  recognize,  differentiate,   classify,  and categorize anything seen in the nature and environment.The  suggestions,  in  learning  process,  of  the  school  were  more  open  for  giving  a  society role, doing an open house for explaining what activities have been done and strong points  have  been  owned  by  the  school.  Therefore,  society  and  governm ent  have  got understood well and they gave support.

Keywords:  Naturalist intelligence, environment as a learning resource

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