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The ways the physics teachers solve a multifaceted real-world problem relates to the behavior of gas

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Physics Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, State University of Malang
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This  paper  examines the ways  in which  the physics teachers solve a multifaceted real-world problem that  relates  to the behavior of gas. The participants consist of 30 physics teachers of senior high schools in East Java. Most of them have had 20 years or more experiences in teaching physics. They discussed the problem in a group of 3-4 teachers. This study shows  that  no  teacher  succeeded  to  solve  the  problem.  In  solving  such  problem,  most  teachers  relied  on  the  surface feature  of  the  problem  and  employed  a  common  sense  argumentation:  no  teacher  used  diagram  or  equations,  no teacher  referred  to  Newton  laws  of  motion  or  state  equation  PV  =  nRT.  Therefore,  it  is  critical  that  Physics  Education Program should provide their prospective physics teacher the opportunities to acquire a deeper content knowledge and enough experiences in solving multifaceted real-world problems.

Keywords: physics teacher, gas, multifaceted real-world problem
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